About Us

Today In Joy is a weekly newsletter that thousands of overlooked caregivers and parents dealing with maternity issues use as resource to stay up-to-date.

We believe in:

  • Protecting the right to normal physiologic birth for every childbearing person
  • Eliminating systemic disparities in birth outcomes for people of color and their infants
  • Advocating for a racially, ethnically, and socially representative maternity care workforce
  • Pushing for US government policy officials to improve birth outcomes in all settings
    Our basic newsletter (Today In Joy) collects general maternity news, articles, products, media content for our readers, weekly, for free.

Our premium newsletters (Doula In Joy, Midwife In Joy, Lactation Consultant In Joy), includes all the content from our basic newsletter, but focuses specifically on each caregiver type, while also highlighting parents who are looking to hire help, jobs, and other events.