Newsletter 2

Racial inequities in reproductive healthcare: what are they and how can you take action?

News 🗞️

COVID-19 Could Infringe Upon Birth Rights: During the current pandemic, pregnant mothers are facing a new reality. New hospital rules prevent mothers from holding their newborns, and bar midwives and husbands from delivery rooms. These changes have taken a toll on mothers throughout the world. Link.

Reading 📚

Mother-infant Separation: Breastfeeding mothers and infants are negatively affected by the Coronavirus, as they are separated in hospitals following birth. In an attempt to protect infants from the virus, we may be hindering their development. Learn why. Link.

Events 🎟️

EMC’s Global Running Day Team, June 3rd: Virtually run with Every Mother Counts to raise awareness for global maternal health disparities. Link.

Interesting 💡

Why Become a Doula? Being a doula is incredibly rewarding. Learn 10 reasons why Jessica English from Dona International loves being a doula. Link.

Social Post Of The Week 🎉

Product Therapy 🛍️

Improved Breast Pumping: Check out the Elvie Pump, a subtle wearable breast pump that fits in your bra!

Featured Caregiver 👩🏽‍⚕️

Ashley Hill Hamilton: Ashley Hamilton is a doula for Birthmark Doula Collective, an organization that is dedicated to advocating for pregnant mothers in New Orleans, LA. Hamilton believes that all women deserve access to birthing options that are affordable. Learn more about her beliefs. Link.

Stats To Know 📈

Black women are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women. Learn more from American Progress.

Media 📸

ACNM Midwives: Watch this video and donate to help ACNM Midwives reach their fundraising goal of $25k. You can help improve the education and community engagement of midwives throughout the country.

Jobs 🗒️

Certified Nurse Midwife, Newport News, VA. Link.