Newsletter IX

Breast milk and the 'active virus:' what doctors now say about breastfeeding.

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News 🗞️

Progress in Maternal Health: The MA House of Representatives recently passed a bill aiming to eliminate maternal health issues caused by racial inequities.  This will attempt to eliminate the racial disparity around maternal death rates.  Link.

Reading 📚

Why we should keep mothers and infants together: Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that infant-mother contact is maintained.  Moreover, it is recommended that mothers continue breastfeeding, as the ‘active virus’ is not transmitted through breast milk.  Continue reading here.

Events 🎟️

March of Dimes live webinar: Mothers tuned in for the March of Dimes’ Facebook live chat on July 9th.  This chat explored the impact of systemic racism on maternal health, specifically during the pandemic.  Link.

Interesting 💡

Mental health during pregnancy: How can mothers protect their mental health throughout their pregnancy?  Maternal health providers have shared 11 tips for prioritizing a mother’s wellness during this pivotal stage.  Read about them here.

Social Post of the week 🎉

Reporter Nina Martin: Gender and Sexuality issues reporter Nina Martin commented on the lack of aid that pregnant mothers have received during COVID-19.  She tweeted, “The U.S.’s efforts to monitor the impact of COVID-19 in pregnant women and new moms have been flatfooted, scattershot and dangerously slow.”  Link.

Product Therapy 🛍️

Belly Support Band: Check out Belly Bandit’s Upsie Belly support band that’s created for belly and back pain relief.  This product will help you avoid the strain of pregnancy on your body.

Featured Caregiver 👩🏽‍⚕️

Midwife Lorna Johnson: Lorna Johnson founded the Advanced Family Care Medical Group in Los Angeles, CA.  She has dedicated her life to providing women with the lifesaving reproductive care that they deserve to receive.  Read more about her mission.  Link.

Stats to know 📈

ACNM Midwives recently addressed the racial disparity in COVID-19 cases, tweeting “‘Of the COVID-19 pregnancy cases reported in Illinois, Black and Latina women make up 70%.’”  Read more about this here.

Media 📸

Finding Your Village Podcast: Tune in to episode 17 of the Finding Your Village podcast.  This week’s episode discussed important questions that mothers should ask their potential doulas.  Link.

Jobs 🗒️

Certified Nurse Midwife, Durham, NC. Link.

Certified Nurse Midwife, Harrisonburg, VA. Link.